Husqvarna chain saws

Husqvarna chain saws are designed to take some really hard knocks. Built to last for many years, the saws are constantly subjected to massive stresses: wear and tear, freezing temperatures, rain, heat, resin, oil, gasoline. The product labeling has to be equally hardwearing. The material, laminate, and adhesive are carefully chosen depending on the location and surface where the labels are to be applied. Warnings and safety instructions must not become detached or hard to read. So Topflight produces labels that can withstand rough use. We hold 600 different items in inventory for Husqvarna, ready for call-off anywhere in the world.

“Husqvarna manufactures and sells high-quality products designed to last. For this reason, we expect a lot from all our suppliers and partners. With Topflight as our label supplier, we know that we will have labels delivered on time and with the consistently high quality we demand. Topflight’s experience and commitment inspire confidence.”

Tommy Rydberg
Commodity Manager Europe Packaging




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