Security labels

Customized die-cut labels, UV-sensitive inks, or nonremovable materials. For some applications, tamperproof labels are a must. Topflight has developed self-adhesive products with various security features for items that need security labeling. Using customized adhesives, special inks, and die-cutting solutions, we can manufacture labels that cannot be removed or repositioned without leaving traces.

Tamperproof materials, available for indoor and outdoor applications, are almost impossible to remove in a single piece. They tear into fragments when you try to remove them. Nonremovable materials are designed so they cannot be stuck back in position or moved to a different surface. If you try to remove them, they leave either a geometric pattern or text on the surface and label. Another option is material that separates into layers if an attempt is made to remove the label. Part of the material is left behind, preventing the label from adhering properly in another location. Security labeling materials can be combined with die-cut holes and slits in various forms to make tampering even more difficult. Topflight also offers a number of special inks that are invisible to the naked eye. If you examine the label under UV light, you can see a hidden message.

Non-removable labels

UV-sensitive inks

Labels with special die-cut marks


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