OXE outboard engines

Cimco Marine OXE diesel-powered outboard engines are a premium product that requires high-quality labels, in terms of both appearance and functionality. The labels must reflect the premium nature of the brand while being able to tolerate tough operating conditions. The important information contained on the engine block labels must be easy to read over many years of service. Topflight supplies dome labels on reflective material to create an exclusive look. The dome coating also protects against wear and tear, wind, salt, water, and UV light. The engine block labels have to withstand extreme heat and are printed on Kapton material.

“Our newly developed OXE 200 hp diesel engines are set to revolutionize the marine market. We wanted this to be obvious so we brought in Topflight to help us branding these engines. The solution was a cut-out logo printed on reflective material with a dome coating. The fact that this solution can withstand sun, wind, and water clinched the deal.”

Emma Collén
Market Communicator, Cimco Marine



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