UL and CSA-approved labels

UL and CSA labels are a special form of certification mark. For products exported to the United States and Canada, the components must be UL and CSA-approved. That includes information and instruction labels. Topflight works closely with UL and CSA and is certified as a label manufacturer by both organizations. We offer one of the largest selections of approved materials for challenging applications, ranging from surfaces with poor adhesion to environments where the label is exposed to high temperatures, solvents, extreme weather or UV light. All our labels can be customized to meet the customer’s specifications and the regulatory requirements.

You can find all of our UL approved materials on UL website on the link below (NB! You will need to register a free account at UL).

Link to UL

UL and CSA-approved labels

One of the most extensive selections on the market

Meets regulatory requirements


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