Warning labels

There are many occasions when our labels make life easier by providing important information. They may even make the difference between life and death. Warning or instruction labels must be easy to read in all situations. Often, people don’t notice the presence of a label until they need to read it. Usually it contains simple instructions or a safety warning. It is important that the label remains in place and lasts for the product’s entire lifespan. Imagine a situation where fire breaks out at home or at work. If the instructions are missing from the fire extinguisher, how can you possibly know how to use it? Every day, warning and instruction labels come to the rescue in difficult and hazardous situations like this.

Our products may not be the first thing you notice, but we can guarantee that their absence might have critical consequences. By conveying warnings, instructions, or handling information, our labels make life easier in many situations.

Labels that last for years

Convey important information

For warnings, instructions, handling information, etc.


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